Must-Have Winter Fragrances

Smokey, woody, and musky fragrances have a special power to keep you warm and cozy during brass monkey weather. Accords like cedarwood, tobacco, tonka beans, and chocolate are known to be best for winter fragrances. ❄
Hence, to help you select the most suitable winter scents we have compiled the Top 10 best winter fragrances that you will never go wrong with, this winter season. Pull up your comforters and start reading! 😊

Lady Of Winterfell

 Do you want to ace the winter fragrance game with the best scent? Give a chance to DUA’s Original creation Lady Of Winterfell! A feminine classic, built around the delicacy of Rose, jasmine, and magnolia. The intensity is added with the accords of musk and sandalwood. Go ladies, own this winter season! 🙆‍♀️

Intense Cappuccino

If you are one of those who get tempted by looking at dark, frothy coffee; You won’t be able to resist the aroma of Intense Cappuccino by The DUA Brand Canada! The overall scent is rich and has strong sillage power, thanks to the notes of coffee beans and burnt caramel. The scent profile is enhanced by cinnamon and maple syrup to give it a bit of a sweet texture as well. Get your bottle of Intense Cappuccino now! 😋

Plum Brandy

Star notes of Plum Brandy are ripe plums, plum jam, and plum juice. You will get whiffs of spiciness due to the presence of cedarwood. The overall scent is spiked up by vanilla and amber. Plum Brandy will nab you compliments! Are you ready to receive them? 🙈

Casino Royale Fire

When the weather is cold outside, the bold aroma of Casino Royale Fire will keep you warm all day! The spicy accords of pink pepper and cloves are mixed with the sensual notes of cashmeran and jasmine. The warmth of chestnut, wood, and almond is enough to protect you from the winter frost. Break the cold with Casino Royal Fire! 🔥

F’ing Royal Chariot

Do you know what happens when Fucking Fabulous by Tom Ford is combined with Layton by parfum de Marly? The beast of masculine scent is formed! It’s known as F’ing Royal Chariot by The DUA Brand Canada! All the woody notes support the warm glow of the fragrance. The passionate and vivacious scent you've been looking for this fall and winter is F'ing Royal Chariot! 🙌

Belgian Choco Cognac

Belgian Choco Cognac is a deep, dark gourmand scent that you will not stop nuzzling into and would love to wrap yourself with the smoothness of vanilla present in this olfactory delight! A completely irresistible boozy fragrance to stay warm against the snowy weather outside. 😋

Hades' Elixir

Wicked delights are awaiting you in the name of Hades' Elixir! A mesmerizing combination of tobacco, oud, and smoke incense. Inspired by Black Afgano by Nasomatto, Hades' Elixir by The Dua Brand Canada is the most deserving candidate to be given a chance to qualify for your winter fragrance list. 😎

Completely Santal

The creamy rich scent of coconut with the bright aura of lemon is what you can expect from Completely Santal! The amber and vanilla residing in the base make the juice more playful. If you want a fragrance full of winter flavors, Completely Santal will complete your search……. we promise! 🤘

Poseidon’s Private Reserve: Whiskey

There is no rule when it comes to fragrances. One can opt for good fruity chypre instead of the woody or musky fragrances for winter. Poseidon’s Private Reserve: Whiskey by The Dua Brand Canada is what we are talking about! Best quality accords from all over the world made the juice creamy and bitter in the best possible way! Few sprays will go a long way, that’s how good the scent performs. 🤯


If you want to be the kind of a person who is recognized for their distinctive perfume. The Dua Brand Canada’s #Youngego might be your most defining scent. Rosemary, lavender, and deep vetiver are present to boost your confidence. Time to feel young and mature this winter by layering yourself with the iconic #Yongego! 😈

If you want to take our words, these winter fragrances will do wonders. It is a matter of just a few sprays and BOOM you are sure get addicted to them! Best of luck and we hope you enjoy the weather to the fullest! ❄🌨

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