Welcome to The Dua Group, where you'll be captivated by the aura of our exquisite fragrances.

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The Dua Brand is a privately owned, specialized fragrance house with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. We offer natural oils-based, handcrafted parfum extract fragrances that linger on your skin a lot longer than many other well-known fragrances.

The parfum extracts from DUA fragrances are ideal for both the discerning connoisseur who prioritizes quality over all else and the average person who aims to be the best-smelling one in the room.

Under the direction of Mahsam Raza, all fragrances undergo thorough quality controls and stability tests before being released. We only work with the greatest manufacturers, such IFF, Firmenich, Givaudan, & Robertet, to mention a few, to obtain our raw materials.

The natural components that make up DUA fragrances extracts are gathered and acquired from all over the world, processed, and created in Europe under the watchful guidance of IFRA certified chemists, and then shipped to the United States where they are expertly combined and handcrafted by Mahsam Raza.


The Dua Brand was founded in 2016 with the primary goal of aiming to make extremely expensive and specialized scents accessible to the general public through imitation and replication. Based on 1 to 1 ingredient matches, our goal was to produce close imitations of well-known scents but with a unique twist!

We wished to become more immersed in Originals as we developed and learned the craft of fragrances, which is why recently, we started working on crafting our own Original Blends and as a result, we have received a tremendous positive response from all over the world!

Each of our fragrances are put through a strict quality check by our team, which includes Mahsam Raza, our CEO and founder, who was trained in Dubai and is now back in the United States doing what he does best.

Furthermore, before being imported into the US, all our raw ingredients are processed under the supervision of IFRA-certified chemists and purchased from certified vendors. Our fragrances are manufactured with natural oils which makes them last longer.

In addition to developing this business model, we have also worked on Hybrid, Tribrid, and Quadbrid models. In these models, we have combined the best elements of two or three already-existing scents to create something innovative that retains the heart of the scents we are hybridizing while giving each a special twist.

We are constantly working on innovative works with an aim of delving deeply into the cosmetics sector. This includes unique, niche scents sold under their own brands as well as spa-quality, naturally derived skin care products for both men and women, a project we are already working on with top-tier laboratories throughout the world.

Whatever industry we enter, our goal is to improve it by doing better. We aspire to be more creative with our production and marketing and expand exceptionally over time to leave a lasting legacy.

Meet The Team

Mahsam Raza

Anam Raza

Tanveer Chinoy
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