How To Choose A Winter Fragrance?

The temperature has dropped but your scent game should not! We understand the pressure you might be facing while upgrading your fragrance collection to make an impactful presence wherever you plan to go this winter. 🙈

The arrival of the coldest festive season demands smoky, warm, deep, and comforting scents. We are here to help you out in choosing your winter fragrances. Time to kick-start with the points that you should remember while picking the best perfume for winter season! 

Pick Rich, Warm, and Welcoming Scents!

Believe it or not, winter season has a noteworthy value as compared to other seasons. The only explanation is that there are many celebrations going on because it is Christmas, the holidays, and the new year. Therefore, your winter go-to-fragrance should be deep, warm, and impressive so that people love your aura even more! 😍

Nothing Better Than Eau De Parfum

As we all know, perfume comes in many classifications. For winters, a scent should be rich, luxurious and long lasting. According to us there is nothing better than Eau De Parfum as they have the highest level of concentration, which means better performance, especially in winters. ❄

Be Bold! Opt For Earthy, Leathery, Warm, And Vanilla Fragrances

Fragrances that have earthy or woody accords like resins oakmoss, cedarwood and oudh work great for winters as they last longer and diffuse quickly. There is no doubt that some oriental ingredients when mixed with vanilla perform great as a perfume for winter. Not to forget, oudh -based fragrances are made for the chilly weather, so if you are bold enough…without any hesitation...go for them! 🙌

Our Recommendations For Winter Fragrances!

We have crafted a detailed article with some out-class Winter fragrances for our DUA FAM. We know you’ll definitely find some of the best ones here, simply perfect for this weather! 🥰

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