6 Best Fragrances To Gift Him On National Spouse Day!

Love is in the air as National Spouse Day is approaching so why not make the air more romantic with DUA fragrances? 😍

Yup, you heard us right. There is no better gift than a pleasant scent to give to your spouse so that you stay in his mind 24/7. Below are the various recommendations for you to choose the perfect scent for him. Let’s dig into the notes! 👇


Wouldn’t it be boring to celebrate National Spouse Day without any intimacy? Hold on! We are talking about a seductive scent - Intimacy by The DUA Brand! The intensity of spicy accords is synced with exotic ingredients like tobacco, labdanum, and some Madagascan vanilla. Be careful, you might lose control, that’s how inviting the scent is! 🙈

Wood And Cognac

Do you want to know what to gift him on the upcoming Spouse Day? Well, woody scents are a safe choice for men when it comes to fragrances. Wood And Cognac is our Original Blend that will match the originality of your love towards your partner. You can’t doubt the booziness of cognac and agarwood when it comes to fragrances. If you think your partner is bold enough to carry an intense scent, it’s high time to introduce him to this masterpiece. 😋

L’Nuit D’Dua

L’Nuit D’Dua is a concoction as deep as your love for him. The citrusy start will boost his energy but don’t underestimate the warmth of wood and tonka bean which will evoke his soft heart personality even more. Surprise him with L’Nuit D’ Dua and see him getting hooked on it. Apologies if it made you jealous! 🙊

His Curve

Just like you are obsessed with all his curves, he will fall in love with His Curve, our inspiration from Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne. The pleasant scent of lavender is combined with the woody scent of cedarwood to form an addictive aromatic fragrance. Your search for that perfect gift is completed right here. Do him a favor by gifting him this one! 🥰

Amberlicious Supernova

If you want to gift him something that reminds him of you after every spritz, Amberlicious Supernova is a fragrance that will meet your expectation in this regard. Vanilla, honey, bergamot, jasmine, and some more ingredients are used to make it a scent for all seasons. He will always come to you for fragrance suggestions after using Amberlicious Supernova, we promise! 😎

Killer Royal Chariot’s Instinct

Deep, dark, and bold fragrance is what your man prefers? Killer Royal Chariot’s Instinct is something that you should add to his olfactory collection. Sweet notes of fruits are fused with the woody notes of sandalwood, Guiac wood, and some incense coffee accords. The musk is waiting in the dry down for the power kick that we all need in the base note. Disclaimer: He might fall in love with the scent a little more than you.” 🙊

As said by Maggie Stiefvater “Scent is the strongest tie to memory.” Make sure to pick the best DUA fragrance to make an aromatic memory with your loved ones. Happy Spouse Day in advance!

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