Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Fragrances!

Valentine’s Day is all about having dates at pretty places, delicious desserts, heavenly smell of flowers and thoughtful gifts for the people you love. Amidst all this, planning a perfect gift for the special ones becomes quite tricky at times. 🤔

In such situations, fragrances are the perfect present you can surprise your partner with! As said by Nicholas Spark: “Love is like a wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it.” We’re here to make that wind more divine to breathe in with our magnetic fragrances, made especially for people who are in love! Peek below and see what Valentine’s Day perfume we have for you. 👇

Vanilla Cake Whiskey

Vanilla Cake Whiskey, a delightful yet spicy fragrance, is our first suggestion to spice up your dinner date. The whiskey accords will make sure to hype-up your partner's energy while tonka beans and warm amber will keep the scent comforting and deep. Spray some on yourself before the meetup or wrap it as a gift to surprise your better half - you will receive compliments either way! 🙈

Simple Pleasures

On a hunt for a heady twist in a scent trail to standout on Valentine’s Day? Simple Pleasures is here to surrender. The thrilling notes of pink pepper, coriander, and tangerine will arouse the feelings of your partner. Your one & only will be captivated with the playful notes of wood and vanilla! 😉

Capture Your Heart

After capturing the heart of your loved ones, isn’t it more pleasurable to capture their senses? And guess what? Capture Your Heart is a concoction designed exactly for that purpose! The intriguing woody accords are combined beautifully with spicy notes to create a sensual aroma. Capture Your Heart will be your companion in making your day more memorable. 💝


You can only bound your love with care, effort, and attention. Similarly, the ingredients are carefully blended to create this charm in the bottle that goes by the name Lovebound! The notes of almond milk, musk and iris will make the heart beat faster due to the intoxicating aroma. Valentine’s Day is the best time to try this joyful fragrance or introduce it to your partner to see the spark in their eyes! 🤩

Tux Of Love Dungeon

Just like your love for each other, Tux Of Love Dungeon is a combination of sweet and sour accords. A variety of different flowers are mixed to grab all the attention of the people around you. If, you are a girl floral notes will help in getting all his attention, and for the boys, musky notes are there to make her go crazy for your scent. The fragrance is uncontrollable - be prepared! 😈

Intense Midnight Rendezvous Homme

We are sure you have planned a romantic night to celebrate Valentine’s Day with some unique gifts for her. But we have a suggestion to make it more intense, a fragrance that will make the environment more fun! Intense Midnight Rendezvous Homme is a masculine scent that you should definitely try on dedicated events. We don’t have to say much as the woody and spicy accords themselves will speak louder than we could. All the best! 😋

Cherry Mind Control

Cherry Mind Control is an oriental dominant fragrance and a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day if you're looking for one! The sensuality of tonka beans is blended with the mysteriousness of black cherry so that the smell senses stay in full control. The best Valentine's cologne is just a click away! 🥰

Butterscotch Sauce

The smoothness of your love for your partner can be compared to Butterscotch Sauce, which has elements like caramel, vanilla, and butter. Do you still believe there is another fragrance you should choose for your special date night? The gourmand smell will enhance the ambience with its sweet and enticing perfume. We promise! 🥰

X-Treme Lavender Therapy

X-Treme Lavender Therapy is the most flavorful unisex scent. Therefore, it is the best match for your Valentine’s Day outing. The heady aroma of blackcurrant is accompanied by cinnamon and tonka bean to provide warmth. The scent is enticing and alluring so you’d be totally missing out if you don’t give this one a shot! 😍

Carnival de Dua

The heavenly Carnival De Dua is surely a carnival of intoxicating accords that give the scent a unique profile. The deliciousness of cotton candy is topped with caramel with hints of vanilla at the base. As the aroma is incredibly addicting, get ready to be complimented and praised on this Valentine’s Day! 💞

In this list, you can find some amazing Valentine perfume for her/him as they are unisex. This recommendation is out of love so that you can pick the best for your loved ones as well. Happy Valentine’s Day DUA Fam. Keep spreading love! 💞

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