10 Best-Selling Oriental Fragrances Of All Time

What is oriental fragrance, is something that people search often. Oriental fragrances are scents that consist of some spicy notes along with warm, inviting notes. These fragrances are super intense therefore they are more suitable for winter season. 🥶

Picture yourself taking a pleasant stroll in your garden, the rustling and crunch of crumpled leaves underfoot creating a satisfying sound! The brisk air slowly nipping at your cheeks, with the only thing being absent is a comforting and invigorating aroma to enhance your experience even further! 😋

For this purpose, we’ve gathered our 10 best oriental fragrances so that you can enjoy the season till it lasts! Let’s take a warm stroll and see what suits you best. 🙈

Broski Pour Homme


Broski Pour Homme deserved to be titled as the best men’s oriental fragrance because the accords like guaiac wood, incense, and nutmeg speaks masculinity. Well, we can’t underestimate the supporting citrusy key notes as they are adding that sharpness to the scent we desire. Remember, for the ultimate game of seduction, this fragrance is your ace! 😍

Café De Dua


Just like hot beverages are a must when it comes to winter season, Café De Dua is a winter beast that you MUST-HAVEMUST-HAVEMUST-HAVE, to level up your scent journey! The enticing accents of caramel, coffee beans, and amber makes the aroma so addictive that it will become nearly impossible for you to get over it anytime soon anytime soon. 👀

Iconic Greenwich Village


The pairing of spicy and woody notes is just like winter and sun and that’s exactly what we did with Iconic Greenwich Village. While agarwood and sandalwood give you a strong whiff, spicy flavor of cinnamon and patchouli will keep the scent mysterious. Not to forget the floral accords slightly marking their presence, to balance the aroma perfectly! ♀️

Spice It Up At Casino Royale


When the sun goes down in winter, heat the nights with Spice It Up At Casino Royale! Wrapped in cinnamon, pimento berries, and cedarwood, this intoxicating oriental fragrance has a lot to offer. The base is built stronger with pink pepper, ambergris, and musk. The perfect combination of sweet and spicy - just like you! 😜

Vanille Overload


Get on board with Vanille Overload to complete this winter olfactory ride with us. This woody oriental fragrance is ignited with alluring accords of ylang-ylang de Comoros, rose de Bulgarie, Jasmine, and vanilla. A scent that will work as an invitation to a night of passion! 🙈

The Conqueror


Show your strength with The Conqueror! The magical ingredients like cedar, agarwood, and musk create a fragrance that is impossible to forget. To elevate the scent even more, delicate notes of rose and jasmine are also added so that the women who love florals can rock the scent equally. The Conqueror will leave everyone under your spell. Get it ASAP! 😍

Pomme Trempée


The booziness of winter night parties will light up with Pomme Trempee! The vibrant touch of green apple is adding a unique dimension to this oriental scent. Get all the rich fragrance vibes this winter with our inspiration of Apple Brandy by Kilian. 🙌

Caramel Delight


Enjoy the last spell of winter season by wearing Caramel Delight! The scent has a gentle jasmine and musk accord that combines beautifully with the captivating notes of vanilla and caramel. Feel the essence of sensuality with every spritz! 🤤

Midnight With The Mobster


If you want to receive compliments while dancing at a midnight party, Midnight With The Mobster is the best oriental fragrance for men. The scent includes ginger, bergamot as top notes, heart notes is all about patchouli and benzoin, while the base notes are tobacco, cognac and vanilla. A perfect scent for a night of dancing, fun and romance! ✨

Satin Midnight


Satin Midnight is a combination of modern and traditional notes. The sensuous aroma of rose is deepened by the benzoin to create these iconic scents. The vanilla and oud accords are added so you have no excuse to miss this olfactory beast at any cost. A fragrance bottle full of confidence and power! 🥰

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone this time and experiment with some of the best oriental fragrances. We hope you had a great fragrant hunt, let us know which one you picked. 🙈

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