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Lemon Iced Tea Ice Cream

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Original : A Dua Original Blend

There is a particular satisfaction to sipping an icy drink in the summer. We need something cool to drink while the sun beats down on us to combat the heat. A chilled refreshing drink or even a cold dessert may be just what our hearts desire to beat the heat of the summer’s blazing sun. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could simply have both? That’s exactly what our latest original fragrance has to offer!

Tea, lemon, and sugar are combined to create Lemon Iced Tea Ice Cream. The scent gives a similar feel which one would get while sipping a refreshing tea and eating a delicious treat, all at the same time! The sugar's sweetness is the ideal complement to English tea and lemon's sourness. Although English tea is typically enjoyed with milk, we added a creamy lactonic finish to this blend to make it taste even better.

You'll wish you had a biscuit to dunk in the aroma since it is so delicious! The blend is enhanced by the distinctive scent of lemon sorbet, and the aromatic opening of mint enchants the senses completely. The fragrance is finished with white musk for a silky finish and exceptional longevity.

The refreshing scent to help cool things off this summer is Lemon Iced Tea Ice Cream!


NOTES: Lemon Sorbet, Iced Tea, English Tea, Sugar, Mint, Milk, & White Musk

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

CAD $70

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Lemon Iced Tea Ice Cream
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