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Collateral Damage

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Inspiration: Side Effect by Initio Parfums

As enchanting vanilla closes in for the kill, intoxicating rum swoons and invites. Tobacco drives the narrative in this charming story, keeping us interested in page after metaphorical page. Vanilla, however, does not alone account for the opulence of this composition. The stirring scent of cinnamon bark should not be forgotten. It is best to read Initio's Side Effect using olfactory cues.  

Our need to include this wonderful composition in our family of blends was clear after just one whiff. Recreating the wonder of Side Effect was a difficult but successful endeavor because its olfactory composition is considerably more intricate than what is revealed by a normal note pyramid.  

Collateral Damage is the result of our in-depth research, and as luck would have it, this became a successful first venture into the Initio household. Collateral Damage performs equally well in the spring and the fall despite having genetics that tilt toward the gourmand classification. The complexity of the tobacco tempers the sweetness. Although there is rum, there is no clamor. Collateral Damage is appealing and bold, and it will captivate you. 

This scent is saved for special occasions and significant encounters. 


NOTES: Tobacco, Vanilla, Rum, and Cinnamon Bark. 

GENDER: Unisex 

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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Collateral Damage
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