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His Curve
Inspiration: Curve for Men (Vintage) by Liz Claiborne One of the most famous scents of all time was eventually introduced by the company Liz Claiborne in 1996. Every man used to own a bottle of this perfume, called Curve, and...
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Captivating Nature
Inspiration: Encelade by Marc-Antoine Barrois The lively essence of rhubarb dances gracefully, arousing our senses with its delicate sweetness. In harmony, the velvety sandalwood merges with the opulent allure of tonka bean, infusing this perfume with warmth and enduring charm....
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Magnificent Istria
Inspiration: Histria by Wesker A bright and energizing aura, reminiscent of a winter morning, is created by the opening notes of pine needles, lemon, mandarin and orange bergamot. Black elder, sage, orange blossom and rosemary are among the herbaceous notes...
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