A Perfect Guide To Discover Your Signature Scent

Everyone is in search of their signature scent, and we bet you are too! Fragrances can reflect your personality as well as boost your self-confidence. It can alter your mood and affect your emotions. But those are not the only reasons why choosing the right fragrance is an important decision. It also has a significant impact on the people around you. So, if you’re wondering how one is supposed to find their signature scent, then worry not! We have some AMAZING tips that can help you in your search! Buckel Up! 🙌

Knowledge About Fragrance Family

How much do you actually know about the fragrance family? Because having a deep knowledge about the fragrance family is crucial. To know the difference between fragrance classification such as floral, fresh, woody, spicy etc., it helps a lot in finding your signature scent. Not ignoring the fact that these basic genres are classified into sub types as well but knowing the scent to which you automatically draw into could help YOU a lot.

Some Basic Notes You Should Know About

Floral Notes

Obsessed with the scent of freshly cut flowers that give off a soft, sweet and romantic scent? Do your friends and family often say that you are cheerful, sweet, charming and carefree? Then floral genre is THE one for you!
The subtly, alluring accords will make a lasting impression. Also, if you are someone who is stressed most of the time, floral scents like lavender and jasmine will really help you relax as they are known for their calming properties.

Fresh Notes

Are you all for fruity-citrusy scents that are bright, juicy and zesty? Do you see yourself as an ambitious, strong-minded person and maybe prone to mood swings at times? If yes, then you might like fresh fragrances. The sharpness of citrusy notes will cut off all the negativity around you! 👊

Since the fruity notes are referred to as a blast of freshness, they will help you to stay energetic all day long and ready to tackle anything that comes your way!

Oriental Notes

Spicy, powdery, and incense fragrances lie under the roof of oriental classification. So, if you have a bold, perfectionist, strong and competitive personality, oriental fragrances may just be your perfect signature scent!
Spicy fragrance is not for everyone. Just when you want a personality boost, Oriental fragrances are your solution.

Woody Notes

Warm, dry, and sharp is what narrates woody genre. Although they are considered to be masculine notes, nevertheless bold and confident women can easily rock them too. Don’t let anyone put you down. 🥰

Woody scents are full of aroma. People who love nature and want to be surrounded by earthy notes, go, and explore woody perfumes. Surely, you will find your signature scent in this classification.

With The Dua Brand, you can discover a variety of fragrances based on each classification!

Always Test It On Your Skin

After you have made up your mind, spray the selected one on your skin, especially on your pulse point! Every skin reacts differently to each fragrance. Sometimes the subtle ones come out stronger on skin and in other cases even strong turns out to be wonderful. Based on the above-mentioned information, you are now good to go to decide what works best for you!

Being Comfortable Over Anything

There is no competition going on. Your main goal is not to impress others while staying in discomfort. Remember, select a scent in which YOU are comfortable. People have different sensitivity levels so, if you are allergic to some scents or notes, don’t buy it just for the sake of pleasing others.

Scents You Want To Associate With You

Although fragrance is an invisible accessory, it still holds an immense value. The scent that you wear daily gets associated with you. For this reason, your signature scent should be your favorite as well. Select a scent that you want people to remember you buy!

Take It Easy

Only smell 2-3 fragrances at a time. You may get nose blindness by sniffing different fragrances in one go! Don’t rush in to buy a fragrance. Take your time in selecting a fragrance that ticks all the right boxes! ✅

Go With Scents You Are Fond Of

There are quite a lot of scents that we sniff around us. For instance, the smell of pleasant flowers, sensual smell of wood, sweet smell of fruits, and countless more. Pay attention to the scents you are drawn into naturally, and search for those ingredients in a fragrance bottle. This practice will help you in discovering your signature scent!

To make the best decision, you must know your aura, your preference scent family and nature of skin. In the end, what really matters is how confidently you wear your signature scent. We hope you have a fragran-tastic time discovering your favorite scent with The Dua Brand Canada!

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